Don's Portfolio of Presentations

Don Wessels has a standard portfolio of four, highly inspirational, motivational presentations. Each presentation is of about 40 minutes duration and can be shortened, lengthened or combined according to specific needs.

The multi-media dependent society has made expertise on modern tools a necessity. Among these must-have skills is creating effective presentations. To get a good grasp of what a good presentation must have, look at the work of Don Wessels.

1. The balancing act of life

This talk is very suitable for corporate occasions and, with small changes, just as good for NGO's, schools or university groups. In this talk Don, in his characteristic confident, gripping and easy way, encourages the audience to take an introspective view on their own life by exploring five aspects of a balanced lifestyle. Drawing mainly from personal experience and his academic background, but sprinkled with personal anecdotes - many of them humorous - Don leads the audience to look at the five areas of faith, work, family and friends, nature and sport.

Do you need a fresh injection of positivism, motivation and higher morale - then this presentation is for you!

2. Two mountains

This talk is especially suited for people with adventurous spirits and would go down well with fundraising, sales or teambuilding events. In the first half of this talk Don, backed by a handful of beautiful photographs, describes how he and his wife conquered Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world! With an uncanny attention to detail of things to see and experience, Don takes the audience in a lounge chair tour of the four climatic zones of this majestic mountain.

In the second half of his talk Don juxtaposes the climbing of Mount Kilimanjaro to climbing "the mountain of life". Not to give up at times of adversity, the importance of setting the right goals and helping others up this metaphoric mountain of life, are universal truths this resolute and thinking man weaves into his unique true tale.

3. The fairer sex - instrumental in my rehabilitation

This talk is especially designed for an exclusive or nearly exclusive female audience. By opening a window on his personal feelings and emotions during an extremely testing time in his life, Don humbly and heart-warmingly shares how individual women helped him in different ways to overcome the great psychological and physical challenges his crippling accident brought upon his path.

"Women have the unique capacity to look beyond the mere physical into the heart of a person" is a well-known phrase Don uses in his talk. Although Don's accident and the injuries he suffered have brought many a person in the audience to tears, the underlying message of this talk is not only that of his own gratitude, but rather the empowerment and encouragement of women to be proud, knowledgeable and true to their nature and uniqueness.

4. My testimony

This talk is especially for Christian gatherings, both large and small, formal or informal. As a born again Christian Don, in a very personal, honest and revealing way, shares with the audience the tumultuous emotions and feelings he experienced within an existential crisis which an unfortunate war accident brought upon his young life.

From the time he lay bleeding in Angola and could have died (but did not for the protection and grace of God), to the traumas and psychological challenge of coming to terms with his double disability during the nine months he spent in a military hospital, Don describes how God protected him when he was in the "valley of death", how the Saviour helped him to work through the five phases of Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome and then, on top of that all, how He gave him abundant courage to face the world with alacrity and vigour!

"Faith gives me hope, helps me to be an optimist and gives me a never-faltering yearning for life."

Depending on the audience and occasion, Don can combine his testimony with any of the above-mentioned motivational talks.

Don gives his talks in either English or Afrikaans. Availability at the venue of a PowerPoint data projector is preferable for all Don's presentations, but it is not essential.


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Don Wessels | Published 19 April 2008 | Updated 01 November 2009